My passion for fish developed as a young child on the lakes and streams of Mount Desert Island, Maine where I spent the majority of my free time from school and home, exploring and chasing brook trout and land locked salmon. As soon as I held Salvelinus Fontinalis, a passion was born! I have been an avid fly fisherman, as well as many other forms of a fisherman, for 40 years, pursuing my dreams and making life long memories.

After a 20 year career as a commercial fisherman, health issues led me to have to explore other options. I had always been a sketch artist since grade school and took to the easel to generate income. I also become a registered Maine fishing and wilderness recreation guide. During this time, I gained an interest in fish taxidermy and felt like I could be successful at re-creating the essence of a live fish. I got started in fish taxidermy 6 years ago. For the first 3 years it was more of a hobby and a learning experience that developed into a full time job. I took some training, got involved in competition and have not let up.


For the last 3 years, I have competed at the Northern New England Taxidermy Championships where, for each of those three years, I have won the Mckenzie Taxidermy Supply's People's choice award.

This year I won 'best fish of show' competing with a male coho reproduction.

In addition to the above, I received two first place ribbons and a ribbon for best of category, the Maine association of taxidermists, best of show in the professional div., the Maine association of taxidermist's grand champion fish, the Polytranspar award, the Star*Fish replicas award for best replica fish, the Walnut Creek Country award for best fish, and the Taxidermy TODAY Magazine's award for Excellence in Taxidermy for displaying nature's beauty.

Mission Statement

My commitment to excellence is extended to every piece I touch, be it a competition piece or a customer's trophy.

I will not let a mount leave my shop until it meets my standards.

That is my commitment to my clients. EVERY TIME!!

I specialize in reproduction fish work. I am no longer creating skin mounts.